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» Resources Review Review includes information on the Fair Isaac Corporation. We review the MyFICO products and services which include credit reports and credit monitoring. Learn more about Fair Isaac and FICO scores on our reviews. is owned by the Fair Isaac Corporation. They offer 4 different products relating to credit reporting, monitoring, and scoring.


The MyFICO / Fair Isaac Product Reviews: offers 4 products listed below:

Score Watch:

  • Monitor your FICOŽ score
    See your new FICOŽ score every time you get an alert of a change on your credit report. Find out when your FICOŽ score changes enough to impact the interest rate you would likely receive on a home mortgage, auto loan or home equity loan.
  • Timely credit alerts
    Receive alerts via email or wireless text message when Score Watch detects important changes to your FICOŽ score or Equifax credit report.
  • Receive two Equifax Score Power reports
    Receive two Score Power reports when you subscribe – one at enrollment and one to be used at any time during your subscription. In addition, you will receive two additional Score Power reports each year of your Score Watch subscription. Score Power reports include your complete Equifax Credit Report, FICOŽ score, FICOŽ score simulator and factors hurting or helping your score. Also, receive additional discounted Score Power reports while you are subscribed to Score Watch for just $10.95 each (regularly $15.95).

FICO Standard:

  • FICOŽ Score*
    Get your FICOŽ scores from your choice of Equifax or TransUnion. Each comes with a full explanation of the credit score and how lenders view you. Also includes actions you can take to get your FICOŽ score into the higher ranges.
  • Credit Report*
    Get your credit reports from your choice of Equifax or TransUnion. Each credit report is a detailed snapshot of credit cards and loans opened in your name, companies accessing your credit file, delinquent payments and more.
  • FICOŽ Score Simulator
    This simulator analyzes your personal credit information and answers questions such as, "What happens to my FICOŽ score if I pay off a credit card or open a new account?"

Suze Orman's FICO Kit Platinum:

  • Debt Eliminator
    Learn how to get out of credit card debt with your own personalized debt analysis and repayment plan. Discover if you're paying too much in interest and follow the personalized guide to negotiate the interest rates you really deserve.
  • Day-to-Pay Bill Reminders
    Paying your bills on time is easy with our email bill payment reminders.
  • InfoVault
    Store your important information in the online vault and access it online anytime.
  • Online Home and Car Coaching
    Save money on your home and car loans by learning the interest rates you may qualify for. This could save you thousands of dollars in interest payments over the life of your loan.
  • FICOŽ Simulator
    The FICOŽ Score Simulator shows how your score can change.
  • Error Detection and Correction
    We highlight potential errors on your credit reports and give you the tools you need to update inaccurate information.

FICO Quarterly Monitoring:

  • Keep track of your TransUnion credit report and FICOŽ score
  • See why your FICOŽ score matters
  • Compare your credit reports quarterly
  • Identity Theft Insurance has many options to choose from. Services range from monitoring with Equifax or TransUnion credit reporting, single reports, or multiple reports with assistance to dispute and repair. Review of Website:

The MyFICO / Fair Isaac website is very easy to use and navigate. The products are clearly marked and the website has good information for users to understand credit terms and functions. The site includes calculators and full articles on different credit/debt topics for visitors.

The Recommendation:

If you're looking for a single credit report and score - this is a cheap option. There are no trials to cancel unless that is the option you choose - we like the fact the user can choose to order the monitoring along side the other items. Then there is nothing to remember to cancel and/or dispute with the company. Fair Isaac is a company with a good reputation and should be fairly easy to work with.

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