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Equifax Review

Equifax review of consumer and business services offered by Equifax. Find out more about the Equifax credit reporting company. How they use their information and read Equifax reviews by other users. Learn more about Equifax credit reports.

Of the three major credit bureaus, Equifax has been around the longest. Equifax was founded in 1899, just before the turn of the 20th Century. Equifax was there practically at the beginning of when credit started becoming an important way to do business.

According to Equifax, one of the main functions of the company is to "enlighten, enable and empower" customers. The company prefers to offer a variety of services that can help customers learn about their credit, and learn how to manage more effectively. Since this is an essential part of one's financial health, Equifax also makes the claim that it provides the necessary tools for customers to "manage and protect their financial health."

With the Internet, Equifax's high tech Web site offers customers the easy access to credit information, tools and customer service.

Consumer credit services

Equifax offers consumer credit services from a reputable company. There is no wondering whether you are dealing with a legitimate company when you use the credit management tools offered by Equifax. In addition to the free annual credit report that Equifax is required by law to provide, there are other services available for purchase. Some of these credit services include:

Score Power: A way to track and manage your credit score.
3-in-1 Credit Report: A credit report that includes your complete credit report from all three credit bureaus, plus an Equifax credit score. (It is also possible to get the credit scores from all three bureaus.
Equifax Credit Report and related credit products: A complete credit report and credit evaluation.
Equifax Credit Watch: A credit monitoring service that notifies you when new accounts are opened and when questionable items appear on your credit report. This can be a useful tool in catching and fighting identity thieves.
Equifax Home Valuator Tools: Helpful tools in figuring out the sorts of terms you can expect when you apply for a home mortgage loan.

Business services

Equifax also offers a suite of business services. These include business credit advice, as well as services that can help you with business to business operations, systems and direct marketing. These services can help you find customers and evaluate potential customers and clients based on their credit merits.

Educational services

Equifax offers more than paid credit services. It is also possible to use free and fee based educational tools from Equifax. The company offers informative articles, glossaries, tutorials and other tools. You can learn about what is behind the credit score, how to protect yourself against identity theft and how to improve your credit history. There are tutorials on responsible use of credit, as well as other important information, tips and how-tos.

Equifax truly is one of the venerable companies in terms of credit reporting. The company's long history and good reputation ensure that you will receive useful information and services from Equifax. And, because Equifax has been around for such a long time, it is likely that it will still be here to answer your credit questions and concerns well into this century and the next.

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